The season of the Virgin

The Virgo season begins shortly after the Aquarius full moon on August 22/23 (depending on your time zone).

After the fiery, daring and courageous energies of the Season of Leo, the Season of Virgo offers a different and more grounded rhythm.

Virgo symbolizes independence, inner strength and uniqueness.

Virgo is a resourceful sign, their gifts are all about making the most of everything. It is characterized by its independence and inner strength.

We can take all of this fiery and uplifting energy that we got during Leo season and integrate it on a deeper level, using it as fuel to take care of ourselves, increase our productivity, find our independence and know it all. what we need is always inside.

The Virgo season 2021 is quite calm. Her energy is a gentle guide as we reach the middle of the astrological year, which is marked by the September equinox.

As the equinox approaches at the end of Virgo season, we may be able to look back on the journey we’ve been on and start to see how we can make the most of where we landed. .

Here are the key dates for the 2021 Virgo season

August 22 – Sun in Virgo

The Sun enters Virgo shortly after the Full Moon of Aquarius. As the Sun enters the sign of Virgo and the fiery Leo energy begins to dissipate, we may find ourselves slowing down and reducing our focus. Virgo season is a good time to get organized, let go of the clutter, and build a healthy relationship with our independence.

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August 29 – Mercury in Libra / Moon Wobble

Mercury, which is Virgo’s ruling planet, is moving towards Libra. In Libra, Mercury allows us to communicate in a considerate, fair and diplomatic manner. It can also inspire us to change the aesthetic of our space or our wardrobe. On this day, there is also an oscillation of the Moon, which occurs when the Sun is squared by the lunar nodes. The oscillations of the moon can create some instability and are often linked to extreme weather conditions.

September 6 – New Moon in Virgo

This New Moon offers a blend of energy. We can feel energized, spontaneous, and ready to try something new. It is thanks to the energy of Mars and Uranus who are both active under this New Moon. On the flip side, however, there is also a deeper energy that can inspire us to heal old wounds or confront our dark side. This energy comes from the asteroid Nessus, which orbits between Saturn and Pluto. In astrology, this represents a need to confront our shadows, to deal with ancestral trauma, and to work through patterns of abuse. It looks like this New Moon could flip both ways depending on our own energy and what we need to work on.

September 10 – Venus in Scorpio

Venus enters the sign of Scorpio. We can feel very sensitive and in tune with our emotions. Venus in Scorpio can also offer energy that makes it easier for us to connect with our sexuality and sensual desires.

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September 14- March in Libra

Mars entering Libra will be a key theme over the coming month. During Mars’ stay in Libra, it will be in conjunction with the Sun and will be a major player in cosmic energy from late September to October. The energy of Mars can make us productive, energetic and courageous to move forward. On the other hand, however, it can also trigger and provoke strong emotions and lead us to burnout if we are not careful with how we choose to use our resources. As Mars will be in Libra for most of this time, we are definitely called to find our balance in how we work with this fiery masculine energy.

September 20 – Full Moon in Pisces

A sensitive and gentle Full Moon will light up the night sky under the sign of Pisces. This Full Moon calls us to be gentle with ourselves and to spend time in quiet reflection. Things can’t be what they seem, or there might be some hazy energy clouding our clarity. When that energy comes in, it’s a reminder to go inside and trust our intuition. We may not have all the answers we need from the outside world, but navigating our inner world can lead to a wealth of discovery.

September 22/23 – The Sun enters Libra / Equinox

Virgo season draws to a close as we live the equinox. The eve of the equinox is a time of power where the Earth’s energy grid comes into harmony, and we can connect with the healing power of nature with greater ease. Be sure to spend some time soaking up the powerful healing qualities of Earth on the 21st or 22nd, depending on your time zone. The equinox is also a fantastic time for ritual work.

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