The stones to wear for the sign of Aquarius

Aquarius energy

Aquarius makes its entrance at the beginning of the year, bringing with it the winds of change. The symbol of Aquarius is the water carrier, which symbolizes the erasure of the past to make way for a new future. Aquarius energy inspires us to make a fresh start and helps us transform our lives for the better.

Aquarius sun signs are groundbreaking, they never follow the crowd and aren’t afraid to try new things and experiences.

They are unpredictable, rebellious and original. They always dream of the future, make plans and want to change the world. Their forward-thinking ideas are usually way ahead of others, which can make them feel like outsiders waiting for others to catch up.

As they bravely take on new territory, they can often be exhausted and out of balance because they give too much of themselves. They must learn to balance their energy of moving forward with self-care and downtime.

With the help of stones, Aquarians can strengthen their natural gifts and improve their weaknesses. The stones emit unique frequencies that can work with our personal energy fields to support and balance us.

Here are 10 gemstones to support and balance Aquarius energy…

Stone #1: Amethyst

Amethyst is a stone that puts the Aquarius sign in touch with their intuition and spiritual guidance. In doing so, she helps Aquarians determine the best course of action as they navigate their new future. It also helps reduce the stress that comes with their need to change the world, and gives them patience as they wait for others to catch up with their big ideas.

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Stone #2: aquamarine

Aquamarine is one of the best crystals for Aquarius, it helps Aquarius signs turn their thoughts into reality and supports their humanitarian efforts by bringing them compassion, empathy and an inspired sense of service. to humanity. It is a light crystal that helps them go with the flow and reduce their stress. It also promotes authenticity and helps them feel more comfortable with themselves, especially when they feel like strangers.

Stone # 3: black onyx

Black Onyx is a centering and balancing stone that promotes emotional strength, helping Aquarians release their emotions, reduce doubt, and face their fears. It is also very useful in bringing about transformations, which makes it an excellent companion for these world changers. Its energy is also used to reduce stress and improve decision-making, which further supports them in their endeavors.

Stone #4: Emerald

Emerald brings Aquarius the inspiration, motivation, and creativity they need to forge a new path for themselves and for the betterment of humanity. It enhances their intuition, soothes their emotions, and promotes mental clarity to support their constant thinking. It is a stone that brings them the hope, patience, love and compassion they need to do their humanitarian work.

Stone #5: Garnet

Garnet is known as one of the best crystals for Aquarius. It is also considered the stone of commitment and as such helps Aquarius sun signs stay true to their dreams and plans for the future. It brings passion and fire, as well as a steady energy that promotes physical energy and emotional strength. It inspires truth, which Aquarians crave, and it even helps them develop new friendships.

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Stone #6: hematite

Hematite is a stone that carries strong grounding energy, helping to bring this airy element back to earth. It has detoxifying properties, which help Aquarius signs shed their past and replace negative emotions with strength and vitality. It builds confidence, reduces stress and worry, and enhances Aquarius’ ability to manifest great things.

Stone # 7: labradorite

Labradorite awakens the spirit and helps the Aquarius sun sign improve their connection to higher spirit. It supports their visionary qualities, balancing inspiration and insight. She carries within her a beautiful combination of water and fire energy, which gives Aquarians a unique combination of patience and passion that serves them well in their goals for progression.

Stone # 8: Lepidolite

Lepidolite is a stone that calms the mind. It helps Aquarians take their minds off things and encourages them to take the time necessary to blossom. It melts away stress and eliminates energy blockages. She supports their need for change and helps them think before they act, so they can make sound decisions.

Stone #9: Moonstone

Aquarius sun signs can often detach from their emotions, which makes moonstone one of the best crystals for Aquarius. It helps Aquarians reconnect with their emotions and achieve emotional balance. It also brings out their intuition, calms their busy mind and relieves stress. This stone brings out all the good qualities of Aquarius and helps them tame their undesirable ones.

Stone #10: rose quartz

Rose Quartz is a stone of love that supports the compassion Aquarians need for their humanitarian endeavors. It also helps them tune into their own needs, which they can often overlook when they are busy serving others. When they feel detached from their emotions, this stone can bring them back in touch. It brings them a deeper sense of self-acceptance, confidence, and gratitude for the way things are now. In addition, it detoxifies old negative patterns to make room for the new.

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Stone #11: Magnetite

Magnetite is a fascinating mineral that aligns with Aquarius. As its name suggests, it is naturally magnetic and can therefore attract and repel energies. It acts on the body’s meridians, aligning the chakras and inducing emotional stability.

Due to its magnetism, this mineral is excellent for balancing opposing characteristics (polarities). For example, it can energize while inducing relaxation, or balance both sides of the brain. It also allows you to eliminate excessive energies in order to remain calm and efficient.

Magnetite is a powerful stone for manifestation, so use it to attract what you want in life.

Stone #12: celestite

Celestite is a magnificent birthstone for Aquarius, as well as a crystal for the Moon in Aquarius. This celestial vibration connects you with the angelic realms and encourages spiritual development.

This is especially helpful for Aquarians, as spiritual development can be difficult with Saturn and Uranus as the ruling planets. Saturn encourages conformity and a more rigid attitude, while Uranus encourages being eccentric or chaotic.

Celestite helps to master these two powers. With its soothing energy, Saturn loosens its harsh grip, while Uranus calms its messy nature. This softer influence will keep you supple and balanced.

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