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the clairvoyance profession is today a spiritual activity that magically attracts both true and false practitioners. Is not necessarily a medium, anyone offering pseudo clairvoyance services online or in an office. Being a medium embodies a whole set of marks, beliefs and spiritual life. Authentic pure mediums are people who can express their gift easily, without assistance or with, in particular, a pure crystal medium. These are people who manifest the extent and strength of their gift in a natural state and not by using decoys or malice to deceive the audience.

Indeed, a pure medium and authentic manifests a certain spiritual sensitivity, that of perceiving past or future things and phenomena. He can therefore pierce secret mysteries in your life with the click of a finger without necessarily having direct contact between you and him. This ability also allows him to operate from a distance.

What is a pure medium? Here are some basic details to know about a pure medium.

Differentiate the medium from the clairvoyant

In the definition of the medium, know in particular that there is a clear difference between a pure medium and a clairvoyant. Effectively, although they sometimes manifest the same operating sensitivities in their approaches or in capturing the vibrations emitted from the intangible world, they are very different. The medium differs from the clairvoyant in the subtle art of operating in front of the audience. For example, the clairvoyant, to predict in your past, present or future life, succinctly uses objects of predictions, such as crystal balls, cards, throwing stones or other similar objects in order to pierce the mysteries of time and secrecy.

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In addition, to operate better, he necessarily needs that a permanent physical contact is established between him and you. On the other hand, the operating art of the pure medium is professional. You have in front of you a person who basically does not require contact or support to perceive in the intangible world. In fact, his great sensitivity allows him to have flashes on your life or to serve as a relay between his guide and you in his announcements.

The pure medium and its spiritual communication

How to recognize a pure medium
How to recognize a pure medium

Like the sensory flash, spiritual communication also figures as a special quality of the pure medium. The medium can converse with otherworldly spirits and act as a messenger between the spirit and you. In this exercise, the medium can seek advice or even consult in case of doubt or confusion in relation to a situation concerning you. However, in her communication with a spiritual subject, the medium sometimes finds herself caught up in a daze, a state of spiritual trance where you can sometimes feel the pressures of the surrounding atmosphere.

What is a flash in the pure medium?

We often talk about pure flash support. But what is it really? In a pure medium, the flash corresponds to the revelation of a spontaneous vision. This is most often manifested by the perception of an image, a sound, an object, a symbol or even an event that has a link with the consultant.

In this regard, two types of flashes are generally noted, including visual flash and auditory flash. The visual flash, as its name suggests, generally results in an instantaneous effect of the appearance of images delivering essential information about the past, the present and the future of the patient. On the other hand, the auditory flash is materialized by voices or any type of sound that the medium can both pick up and visualize in his mind. However, the latter can most of the time deliver information almost identical to that of a visual flash.

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How to recognize a pure medium?

It should be noted that a medium and a clairvoyant are not identical. To recognize a pure medium, it is necessary to take into account some operational signs. The difference between a real medium and a fake is perceptible for miles if you show some concentration. Indeed, in their spiritual approach, true psychics show empathy for the problems and feelings of those who approach them. Even to the point of fully understanding the causes of the consultation. Moreover, they do not ask any malicious questions or tactics to gather information that they will use to their advantage to make predictions.

In truth, their gift allows them to naturally feel the vibrations and predict in the life of a consultant. They don’t ask you anything, they feel, they know. The information they provide should match your personality and your life. Moreover, it is one of the operational qualities which distinguishes them from false practitioners. However, it is also important to experience a sense of trust when interacting with the chosen person.

How does a session with a pure medium take place?

The very first provision during a session with a medium go through peace. It is necessary to transcend the intelligible world in a Zen spirit, a spirit that is at the same time channeled, positive and sensitive to explore just as much with the specialist. This condition is imperative so that the medium can easily create a connection with you. But also so that your negative waves do not interfere with the frequency that the medium uses to communicate with the beyond.

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However, there is no need to introduce yourself to the medium, as the medium can easily interact with you from a distance. It has the ability to pierce and identify you without physical contact. On the other hand, keep in mind that the medium feels and receives information spontaneously, sometimes in flashes. Remember to take note of the important elements that he reveals to you. Because when he is plunged into a daze, he unfortunately cannot remember it. Finally, never forget that a medium is a messenger, his major role is to help you consult or take advice from a spirit.

How to know if you are a pure medium
How to know if you are a pure medium

How do you know if you are a pure medium?

It is sometimes difficult to detect if one is predisposed to become a medium, because it is an interior state which most often manifests itself in an unsuspected way in the person. Thus, when an individual is in tune with the attributes of pure mediumship, he can then experience a great interest in paranormal phenomena. This person may in any case feel emotions, waves, positive or negative vibrations as well as flashes of spontaneous images in unsuspected places. Moreover, it is very likely for her to have lucid or premonitory dreams and to find answers to questions through these dreams.

Sometimes it also happens that we perceive from the corner of the eye figures such as shadows, sparks or shapes of any kind. You may also hear noises that no one hears and feel like you are constantly being watched by someone. Finally, it also sometimes happens that we discover things about people without our knowing how or why it manifests itself in this way, we just know it.

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