Decluttering your home: why and how to do it?

How to make room in your house, and keep rooms tidy? Discover all our techniques for sorting and decluttering your home. Get rid of the superfluous and keep only the objects that bring you joy. Our advice and tips for tidying up your home and sorting it out efficiently.

Why declutter your house?

Because you are planning a move or because the rooms are overflowing with objects, it is sometimes essential to declutter your house. Moreover, those who submit to the exercise will reap many benefits:

  • First, tidying up your home can lighten your mind. Decluttering your home also means cleaning up your head;
  • then, by putting everything in its place and getting rid of obsolete objects, you will find your belongings more easily. Guaranteed time savings! This is especially true when you sort through your dressing room. In the morning, you will waste less time choosing your outfit for the day;
  • then, when you receive visitors, you will no longer be embarrassed by the merry bazaar;
  • it also simplifies household chores. By having a clutter-free home, you will spend less time dusting, cleaning, tidying up. It is the daily life that is simplified;
  • and that makes you want to reduce your consumption. By doing the big sorting, we often realize all that we pile up, the uselessness of certain objects. What if decluttering your home was a first step towards minimalism?
  • finally, keeping only the things that are useful or precious to you brings joy!

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How to proceed ?

Know that there is two techniques. It’s up to you to choose the one that suits you best according to your desires and the time you have.

Tidy up in a day or two

And if you were inspired by Marie Kondo method, author of a bestseller on storage? Instead of sorting as you go, you radically change your interior by decluttering it for a day or a weekend.

If you move, this is the most convincing technique. Depending on the size of your accommodation, set aside one or more days, and get help from a loved one. And if your house is really cluttered, or you don’t know where to start, you can also call on a storage specialist.

The first step is to sort intensively. Make two piles with boxes or cardboard: on one side, what you keep (and which will have to be put away later) and on the other, what you no longer want.

Time-saving tips: Sort first, then when you’re done, consider donating or selling your obsolete items. Do not turn away from your first mission, otherwise you will lose a lot of time.

And always start with the most cluttered spaces. Generally, there are many objects piled up in the garage or the attic, not to mention the storage space inside the house (storage room, space under the stairs, etc.).

Do it several times

You can also divide the task by sorting piece by piece, as soon as you have a little time in front of you. It takes motivation to declutter an entire home, but it’s a promising step towards a tidy interior.

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Maintain discipline. For example, give yourself 30 minutes each day to tidy up an entire room or piece of furniture.

And wait until the end of the week to evacuate the objects you want to part with. To obtain visible results from the first days, tackle strategic places (office, buffet in the dining room, etc.).

Throw or keep? How to know ?

When sorting in a house, a question arises: what should be thrown away? Before starting the tidying up work, it is better to set a rule and stick to it scrupulously.

First, it is recommended to get rid of unnecessary things or things that you no longer like (clothes, sports equipment, old toys, etc.). In the same basket, we find gifts that we don’t like, compulsive purchases, trinkets…

Often, we hesitate in front of an object. To determine its place in the house, ask yourself the right questions: does it bring you joy? Does it make your life easier? Do you already have other copies? Did you use it less than a year ago?

If an object or accessory really poses a dilemma for you, store it in a box indicating the current date. And if a year later the box has not been reopened, get rid of the object permanently.

Finally, on the side of trinkets and decorations, keep only the most aesthetic. The goal is not to live in a sanitized house. It is therefore important to keep a few well-chosen objects (holiday souvenirs, for example). What must be avoided at all costs is accumulation. Quality over quantity.

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