How to arrange a small bathroom?

Current homes often have a small bathroom. However, the lack of square meters does not represent an obstacle to conviviality. Because we spend more and more time in this space, it is important that the place is warm. Discover all the tips for fitting out a small bathroom: choice of paint, arrangement of furniture, decoration… Follow our advice to renovate your bathroom so that it is aesthetic and functional.

What paint for a small bathroom?

Classic colors like blue and green

In a small bathroom, it is possible to opt for timeless colors such as blue or green. These sure values ​​each have their own qualities.

  • Blue exists in several tones. Depending on your choice (azure blue, navy blue, turquoise blue, duck blue…), it is possible to create an atmosphere. And the blue blends beautifully with the white to make the room feel bigger.
  • Green, on the other hand, brings a feeling of space and comfort. In a small bathroom, this nuance will be welcome to confer calm and well-being. Forest green or sage green are among the current trends in terms of wall paint.

Bright colors (yellow, red …)

Then, to arrange a small bathroom, bright paint is a suitable solution. This allows you to wake up a bathroom and give it dynamism.

  • Yellow, to be associated with blue, illuminates a room. However, prefer a strong yellow rather than a color that is too light, tasteless.
  • Red can also be considered as a wall paint to bring energy and vitality to the room. However, it is better to limit yourself to deep shades such as crimson red or garnet red. The bright red will be diffused sparingly, via well-chosen objects (towels, etc.).
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Neutral and sober colors such as gray

Gray is one of the trendy colors for furnishing a small bathroom. Indeed, sober shades are a bold choice because they are enveloping. And moreover, they allow color associations.

Gray can find a resonance with black or red. And to enhance the sophistication of the place, also choose copper fittings, for example.

A light or pastel shade

In addition, light and pastel shades are ideal for a small bathroom. Indeed, these soft colors visually enlarge a room.

  • White remains the safe bet. However, to avoid falling into the pitfall of the sanitized room, it is better to match the shade with colored touches (green plants, for example);
  • Shades of white such as ecru, beige, off-white…;
  • Pastel shades such as old pink, light blue or water green give the room a Scandinavian feel. It is an ideal choice if you are looking for tranquility after a day’s work.

Natural colors like brown

There are also natural colors that fit easily into a small bathroom. Brown, for example, is on trend for decorating a pond. Its exotic side brings freshness to a place.

And the shades of brown are numerous, which allows all the audacity in terms of wall painting.

Tips for saving space in a small bathroom

The choice of furniture

To arrange a small bathroom, it is necessary to choose the furniture carefully. In general, in tight spaces, it is better to opt for airy furniture, preferably suspended or with discreet legs. The idea is to invest the space in height with high storage to free up floor space. Light colors also give the impression of a larger room. They are to be preferred.

The most suitable materials

Material side, forget the opacity of basins and sinks, and shower curtains. You have to let the light in. To do this, choose glass shower enclosures, which are lighter to the eye and brighter.

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The layout

The way of placing furniture and sanitaryware plays a very important role in the layout of a small bathroom. Thus, the bathtub will preferably be placed on the back wall, under a window or another skylight. It gives a sense of depth. And the room seems wider. Moreover, this arrangement is recommended if it is a question of fitting out a small bathroom in the attic.

On the other hand, it is better to place the sink or basin in an easily accessible space. Note that there are models suitable for small spaces (shower, sink, toilet, etc.). For example, flat tank toilets are great in small water features.

The light

To fit out a small space, light is a precious ally, especially in a mini bathroom. In order to enhance the space, spotlights on the ceiling or sconces on the walls are ideal. It is better to encourage people to look up or straight ahead rather than down. And illuminating the mirrors also gives perspective to the room while accentuating the depth of the volumes.

Decoration: how to design a small bathroom?

There is no need to clutter a small bathroom with accessories and decorative objects. Especially since it is an intimate room. It is therefore appropriate to choose a few elements to personalize the space, without overloading it.

On the wall, you can absolutely fix a mirror. This makes it possible to decorate a small bathroom while visually enlarging it. The mirror will find its place above the sink or the basin. There are all kinds of sizes. A round format is particularly suitable for a small space.

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Trends, cement tiles can also dress up a small bathroom. Choose a model in tune with the times. The graphic patterns will give character to your bathroom.

Finally, also think about designer lighting to bring contemporaneity to the room. And don’t forget to have some colorful accessories to energize the place: towels, soap dish, green plants that withstand humidity well…

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Renovate your bathroom safely

You wish renovate your bathroom ? Be aware that the bathroom is a very delicate room to renovate, because of the many standards to be respected. It is therefore strongly recommended to call on professionals. If you live in Paris, we can now advise you on the professionals you can call on. Saint-Gobain House are the bathroom renovation specialists in paris. We are therefore going to present to you in this short guide why to renovate your bathroom, as well as the important points to which you will have to pay attention during your renovation.

Why renovate your bathroom?

He is very important regularly renovate your bathroom in order to avoid various inconveniences such as leaks. In addition, the bathroom is a humid room, and a lack of maintenance can end up causing mold problems. It is always nice to renovate your bathroom, in order to have a clean and recent place when you wash.

Pay attention to certain details when renovating your bathroom

Find out about the standard regarding the bathroom when you renovate it, so that you can respect it. Also remember that humidity can quickly become your enemy, so anticipate this in your bathroom.

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