How to reduce your gas bill?

Even if this form of energy remains less expensive than electricity, gas bills represent a significant part of your budget. However, there are simple ways to reduce your gas consumption and limit your expenses.

Manage your heating better

When you consult the bills from your gas supplier, you realize that heating represents a significant part of it. So get into some habits. They will allow you to limit the heating bill, without losing any of your comfort.

Thus, it is not necessary, from the point of view of comfort and health, to maintain in the dwelling a temperature higher than 19 degrees. Similarly, limit the heating of rooms you do not occupy. If you are away, even for a day or two, remember to turn off the heating.

Before going to bed, you can lower the temperature, adjusting the thermostat accordingly. Likewise, to give their full power, your radiators need to be purged and dusted sometimes. Also avoid using them as clothes dryers. To allow better air circulation, also take care not to install furniture too close to the radiators.

Your boiler should also benefit from a regular maintenance. If this is not the case, you will soon notice, in addition to other problems, a drop in the performance of your heating system. Poor boiler maintenance will therefore result in higher gas bills.

And don’t forget toventilate your rooms a few minutes each morning. This ventilation allows reduce humidity in the accommodation. In this drier atmosphere, the heating will be even more efficient.

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Dedicated applications also allow you to adjust your heating remotely, from your laptop or tablet. Thanks to this feature, you can repair your oversights and adapt the heating to the prevailing atmospheric conditions.

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Spend less hot water

Along with heating, hot water is an important item of expenditure. As an energy supplier, Engie gives you sound advice in this regard.

It is therefore advisable to check the temperature of your water heater, which must be between between 55 and 60 degrees. Below these values, bacteria may develop. A higher temperature can promote the appearance of tartar. Dirty, the water heater will have to generate more energy to produce hot water. Your gas bill will suffer.

Furthermore, simple gestures reduce hot water consumption. So it is better to take showers than baths. Also be sure to turn off the water if you are not using it immediately. Similarly, some showerhead systems allow you to save hot water.

Other devices, such as thermostatic mixers, have a significant effect on the flow. Finally, make sure to identify and repair any leaks as soon as possible.

Good cooking habits

You still consume gas while cooking. Here again, simple gestures can reduce the gas bill. Be sure to choose containers whose diameter fits your hobs.

To cook your preparations, prefer the pressure cooker to the saucepan. Food will cook faster, and you will save energy. You will get the same result by covering your containers with a lid.

Finally, consider check the condition of the burners. If you don’t clean them regularly, they will clog up. You will then spend more gas cooking your food. To maintain them, simply clean them with a sponge, soaked in a little washing-up liquid, then rinse them with hot water. For even greater efficiency, immerse them in water with white vinegar.

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Good insulation

A good insulation of your home prevents heat loss. Rock wool, polystyrene or hemp, choose the material that seems most suitable for effective insulation. State aid is possible for eco-renovation projects.

Before going to bed, remember to close the shutters. Try to caulk all the holes through which the heat could escape. For this purpose, the installation of thick curtains and weatherstripping bars under the doors can be very useful. A little mastic around the windows also limits heat loss.

Also remember to surround your heating pipes with adequate insulation. This insulation is all the more necessary if the pipes have to pass through spaces without heating.

Track consumption

To reduce your gas consumption, you still need to be aware of its level. It is for this purpose that your energy supplier allows you to follow, on specific documents or a dedicated application, your day-to-day consumption.

You can also see what you consume each month or over a year. Your supplier sends you a monthly report of your consumption. It is by studying it closely, with the other data, that you spot the times when your consumption is racing.

This tool, which can also be used as an element of comparison with the consumption of other people, gives you an overview of your consumption. On this basis, you can make the necessary corrections and decide on the right actions that will lower your gas consumption.

The presentation of these graphs and these measurements is accompanied by your supplier’s suggestions and advice intended to make you realize energy savings.

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By comparing the offers available, you will more easily find the gas supplier that best meets your expectations.

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